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I'm Matt Drinkhahn, an eternal optimist living in a world that delivers a steady flow of negativity, fear, and anxiety. I embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities, and my mission is to share this perspective with the world - that's why I started The Eternal Optimist Podcast.

The biggest misconception about eternal optimism is that we choose only to see the positive. I'm here to tell you I do not view the world through rose-colored glasses - quite the opposite! I am keenly aware of challenges and risks because I believe that we learn only in times of struggle. Eternal optimists view challenges as opportunities. 

I love to learn and find new ways to be the best version of myself. On a given day, you can find me on a 30-day challenge or voraciously reading (visit the Eternal Optimist Library for my recommendations).


You're here because you are in one of two camps: you, too, have this mindset, or you think I'm a total nut job. Either way, I'm glad you're here and looking around. 

Let's stay connected on social or subscribe to my monthly email for additional tips and tricks on living the eternal optimist life. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect on social or email me. 

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