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NOS 4R2 Joe Hill Fix

Likewise, whilst Charlie Manx is the villain of the piece he is also a character of depth and intrigue rather than being solely defined by his evil acts. Manx is delusional and dangerous, but also funny and charming when the mood takes him. His interactions with Vic and her son Wayne are chilling due to the layers of his character which offer a feeling of foreboding and unpredictability throughout.

NOS 4R2 joe hill

After a game and a half full of frustration against the lowly Astros, the Red Sox finally had a lead, 8-7, as Lavarnway trotted into second and looked toward the dugout as he nodded his head. The Sox had finally scaled a hill that proved much more difficult to climb than they expected, but they never looked back once Lavarnway pushed them over.

Back in late September 2004, a little bit of doubt might've been beginning to creep in for Red Sox Nation. Their team had its playoff spot all but secured, though cracks were starting to show as it lost three straight games -- by an aggregate score of 34-11 -- and was on its way to a fourth after Keith Foulke wasted eight shutout innings from Curt Schilling by surrendering a two-run, go-ahead homer to (the pre-calcification version of) Javy Lopez in the ninth.


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