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But in the silmarillion we learn that gandalf is a deity that has existed since the beginning of time and that he served the god of wind and the goddess of stars (who made him white after his second rebirth, yes unlike jesus, gandlaf already came back to life two times). The eagles were the other deities. Hence gandalf was the most powerfull of them he remained human. so technically it would be like having 100 percent respect in gta san andreas and gangmembers still refuse to follow you. In lord of the rings it makes sense, becaus sauron was also a deity servant to the god of dwarves together with saruman and later became servant to morgoth the god of chaos. so it was gandlfs job at the time to defeat sauron, because he was the most powerfull of the valar. But he was too afraid, So the god of wind punishes him, by sending him to middle earth in form of a newborn were he becomes the messiah of the shire and fixes everybodies problem untill saruman discovers him and takes him under his apprenticeship. so if even the most powerfull of the eaglebros, gandalf, was too afraid to confront sauron in his initial form, the eagles have the absolute right to remain as far away from mordor as possible.

Eagle Flight full crack

Secondly the eagles as any other race could have been corrupted by the ring and would have still needed to bring the ring bearer frodo with them as hobbits have a resistance to its corruption, meaning there flight would be limited by protecting its companions,

Kay thought during her initial field exam that just the right radius was cracked. A closer inspection when at SOAR revealed both the right ulna and radius were cracked, but bones were in line and under the skin. There was much bruising on that entire wing. The wing was stabilized so nothing happened to the healing bones. This eagle is not thin and has an attitude! He is also uniquely marked with a white tail but brown and white head.

This weakness manifests in cracks, which are microscopic at first. With continued aircraft use over time, though, the cracks grow larger and eventually become visible. An aircraft begins to age after its first flight, and the effects of corrosion and fatigue occur almost immediately. Aging becomes an issue when the aircraft can no longer be effectively repaired or sustain the rigors of flight.

The danger lies in how quickly fatigue can progress to failure. While aircraft fatigue is a natural part of flight, both visible cracks and cracks invisible to the eye mean failure is a real possibility.

As the eaglets grow, they will start jumping up in the nest, testing and flapping their wings as they develop, Barber said. Before long, they will venture to the edge of the nest, and then to surrounding branches, before embarking on their first flights.


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