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Bounce Ball Game Download - Explore a Fantasy World with Bounce

In the original Bounce game the player controls a red ball using the four arrow keys on the Nokia mobile phone through many levels in a 2D side-scrolling game world. It came pre-loaded on many Nokia mobile phones and is considered one of the most well-known Nokia mobile games along with Snake.

To pass each level the red ball must go through all hoops in that level thus opening the grey door to the next level, having three lives initially as indicated by the three red balls at the bottom of the screen above the remaining number of hoops required to go through in that level (one removed each time one is passed through) and the 8-digit score on the right. Enemies come in the form of static yellow coloured spikes (called "candles") as well as spiky blue moving objects (commonly referred to as "spiders" by the game fanbase) which move along a designated path either left-right, top-bottom or diagonally at various speeds. Touching an enemy will burst the red ball and a life will be lost, these can be regained or increased by collecting light blue balls with the same colour as the background up to a maximum of five. Game progress is temporarily stored via the various yellow rhombus checkpoints in each level which allows the ball to respawn at the location of the last collected rhombus (turning into a red downwards arrow once collected and disappearing after the next one is collected) once it loses a life, until all lives are lost which ends the game.

nokia mobile bounce ball game download

Starting from level 3 onwards water areas are introduced into the game where the original (and smaller) red ball will rapidly sink to the bottom once entering. Hitting the enlarge spike (green with an inverted yellow dome on top) will make the ball bigger (which is now coloured blue) thus allowing it to float above water, while a large ball underwater will immediately stick to the uppermost blocks and rise upwards rapidly until it floats above water. To recover the large ball back into the original red ball the shrink spikes (row of four thin red each with an inverted red dome on top) can be used. Some taller height differences require the large ball to be reached while some narrow passageways can only be accessed by the original red ball.

Speed blocks (blue instead of red) are also first introduced in level 3 where bouncing the ball repeatedly on these blocks will increase the bounce height of the ball per bounce until the ball hits the uppermost blocks thus reaching its maximum bounce speed (this will reset once the continuous bouncing action is broken once), which can be used in combination with slanting blocks to reach further heights. Hitting the speed box (yellow with a + symbol and a red dot in the middle) will temporarily increase the moving speed of the ball rapidly with a timer at the bottom of the screen, while hitting the anti-gravity spike (thick blue/grey with yellow panels on top) will cause the ball to fly and temporarily attach to the uppermost blocks also with a timer at the bottom of the screen.

In level 11 there is one particular area which can cause the original red ball to be permanently trapped: a checkpoint completely surrounded by four rows of shrink spikes in one of the lower right areas under but without water. To collect it the regular red ball should be positioned between the uppermost blocks and the top row of shrink spikes, then the ball should move to the right and drop down (try a few times for it to work). However, if the red ball then gets hit and bursts before another checkpoint is collected it will respawn at the checkpoint within the four rows of shrink spikes, with no way out the only solution is to start a new game.

Two cheat codes are available for this game.[1] Pressing "787898" will give the ball infinity health, while pressing "787879" will unlock advanced cheats: press 1 to level down, 3 to level up, 5 to level up with full score and # to fly the ball (same effects as anti-gravity spike with a timer at the bottom of the screen). Infinity health is especially useful in a lower-right area of level 7 where one hoop with a checkpoint underneath is located behind a series of four "spiders" moving top-bottom which are harder to get pass, as it is equally harder to get back outside afterwards without losing a life, if the player collects the checkpoint inside they will always respawn there once a life is lost and still not have gotten back outside. On the other hand, flying under the advanced cheats is especially useful in level 11 where the vast game area is usually accessed by floating the large ball upwards inside the various water areas or sinking the regular red ball downwards inside the water areas.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator (Series 80) from 2000 (released 2001) was the first device to feature the game.[2][3] Through updated versions it was also pre-loaded on entry-level Series 40 handsets such as Nokia 6610 (2002) and Nokia 3220 (2004).[4] The game had a total of 11 levels. 2 level packs (12-16, 17-21) were available to download for Series 60 and Series 80 (Symbian OS) Nokia handsets.[5]

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One of the most iconic "remakes" of Bounce is the Red Ball series created by Russian game developer Evgeniy "Eugene" Fedoseev[16] and hosted by and Not Doppler.[17] The four-part series of Adobe Flash games was developed with Box2D physics engine. The franchise also spawned multiple clones, mods, and is well-known among the speedrunning community. Fedoseev also developed a two-part spinoff series entitled Red and Blue Balls, wherein the player must navigate two different colored balls to their designated goals.[18]

Bounce is familiar to almost every mobile phone owner. It has become Nokia's favorite entertainment offering. Push-button models of this manufacturer were actually the first to appear on the domestic market of mobile devices. In that distant period, the ball could be controlled using buttons. As mobile devices evolved, so did Bounce. It has become more efficient and modern. The number of tests has been increased.

Opponents of the jumper are a red ball and a hypnotizing cube. In each new game moments, they become more and more frightening and dangerous. The bouncing ball will have to solve numerous puzzles. Assignments become more and more difficult each time.

Discover the thrill and excitement of Bounce Ball Online, a game carefully crafted to cater to players from all walks of life. Immerse yourself in a world filled with fascinating adventures and seemingly simple controls, where your primary aim is to roll, jump, and bounce a ball across a grassy expanse. As part of the game's delightful strategy, you'll collect edibles and stars, all while ensuring the moving sphere avoids stumbling over any obstacles.

JUMPING BOUNCY BALL is your answer to the online search for a bounce-ball game. The days of the Nokia mobile bounce ball game download are rekindled, instilling a sense of nostalgia while embracing the advantages of modern technology.

The red bounce ball game aesthetic is present in Bounce Ball Online, along with the intriguing nuances of the 3D bounce ball game C++. This unique combination brings an exhilarating gaming experience that keeps you returning for more. This game also caters to beach lovers with beach bounce ball game elements in the spirit of inclusivity.

Bounce Ball Online has successfully integrated into social media, becoming a popular tiktok bounce ball game. The bounce ball game apk can be downloaded onto your Android device, giving you access to exciting gameplay on the go. The Android bounce ball game is ready to download from the app store.

The bouncing ball game Amazon version is also available for instant enjoyment for users who prefer other platforms. The bouncy and jumping ball games app is part of the Bounce Ball Online offering, providing the thrill of bouncing and jumping at your fingertips.

Unleash your sense of adventure with the bounce ball adventure game features of Bounce Ball Online. The Bounce Ball game app download and bounce ball game apk mod versions add a new level of exhilaration to the gameplay. The ball bounce game app and the bounce ball and pick-up game features promise endless entertainment.

Bounce Ball Online has elements of the iconic Australian Football League with how to bounce the ball in the Afl 23 game. You can complete your competition with the ball bounce game mit app inventor or relish the retro arcade vibes of the ball bounce arcade game. You can even enjoy a bounce ball break bricks game or the classic carnival game, bounce the ball off the board.

Wondering how to play a bounce ball game? Don't worry. Bounce Ball Online is easy to understand, and the bounce ball rules are straightforward. Whether it's the game where you bounce a ball to break bricks or the computer game ball bounce brick, Bounce Ball Online has got you covered.

Regarding the slower pace of games, I read recently that the old protagonists of Doom and Quake moved at something like automobile speeds, which became really hard to do believably once the games shifted to third person. You would notice that the lefts are not doing near enough movement to cover the distances involved.


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